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Most of the seminars or events that are held by the event organizers usually need to have the feedback of their audience. Normally, organizers will have to produce lots of feedback form for the number of their event attendees. With this typical way, it is tedious to produce a lot of form, letting them answer your feedback form and gathering all the feedback form back. With Microsoft's Multipoint technology, organizers will no longer have to produce a lot of feedback forms and have to gather it back and generate their own summary report.

General Objective
To create a feedback form application for Microsoft Event's in the Philippines

Specific Objectives

1.) To create an application that can serve 6 users at the same time
2.) To place each mouse in their respective regions
3.) To design the GUI of the program
4.) To generate report in a .csv file
5.) To implement the project


1.) Handle up to 6 users at a time
2.) Generate a .csv report file
3.) Mouse regions

Future Features

1.) Generate a chart report
2.) Open ended questions supported
3.) Source code will be object oriented

Scope of the Study
1.) The system can handle more than 6 mice but it will not create a region or let them answer for the mouse that was plugged greater than six
2.) The questions can only be closed ended questions


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